Undergrad Research Project - Bio Image Processing with Java

Fall 2008

Kun Qian
Jelena Kovačević
Project description

The goal of this project is to create a 3-dimensional image segmentation ImageJ plugins, along with further plugins as needed, for the Bio imaging algorithms created in the group of Professor Kovacevic.

This project will also deal with the improvement of some of the existing plugins which deal with 2-Dimensional image Segmentation.

The development of the 3-dimensional image segmentation plugin require studying the 2-dimensional plugin as a basis, implementing the ready-made segmentation classes from the 2-dimensional object class, and extending the output into 3-dimensional representations. This project will require Java programming, mostly done in Eclipse, as well as comprehensive understanding of the bio imaging algorithms used.

The improvement of the 2-dimensional segmentation plugin will also be done through Eclipse, using Java based programming environments. Certain areas to be improved include but not limited to bugs in the current GUI interface, run time errors in user inputs, and program outputs.

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