Undergrad Research Project - Circuitry design and implementation

Fall 2008

Alexander Baran
Howie Choset
Project description

During my research I will use several different computer programs to draw up a schematic for a circuit board. This board will be used as a connector to program a robotic snake through a computer. I will design and check the circuit board before ordering the boards, at which point I will gather the necessary components to surface mount onto several of the boards. I will finish up with debugging the boards and making sure that they work as intended. Additionally, should the board require certain testing or modifications for other implementations, I will create circuits specifically for testing and other uses of the board. Throughout the design process of the circuit board, I will research the robotic snakes in order to learn about other possible boards that may be needed in the future, whether they are on the robot or simply for programming connections. Also, if I have the time, I will help design and implement a tether that runs the signal and power lines to the robotic snake.

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