Undergrad Research Project - Increasing the accuracy of low-cost MEMS IMUs

Fall 2008

Ritu Saksena
Tamal Mukherjee
Project description

In the past, there have been attempts at developing a technology that will aid in personal navigation; GPS has been very successful, however, fails in a mountainous or urban environment. This project is using inertial measurement for navigation in GPS-denied environments, and addressing the error growth inherent in integrating inertial sensor outputs using orthogonal RF sensors. It will be a shoe-based implementation where multiple sensors are integrated to achieve navigation accuracy. A RF moving target radar scheme, in the shoe heel, will be used to measure zero displacement, and to identify inertial sensor bias. A GPS-like RF constellation system, will also be used for real-time positioning of one moving shoe with respect to the stationary shoe. My tasks will be working on the inertial sensors, measurements, and working with designs on Cadence. The outcome of this project will be shoes that can be used for personal navigation with low power consumption and that have accurate measurements.

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