Undergrad Research Project - Increasing the accuracy of low-cost MEMS IMUs

Fall 2008

Kimberly Shen
Tamal Mukherjee
Project description

This project is at the boundary of antennas, RF circuits, RF systems, analog circuits, and MEMS. Personal navigation, especially in GPS-denied environments remains one of the major challenges for navigation technology. A promising approach is inertial measurement units (IMUs) made of MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes. Inherent inaccuracies in such low-cost, miniaturized MEMS sensors can be reduced using zero-velocity updates. In this project, off-the-shelf MEMS sensors will be studied to identify limitations of this technology for highly-accurate long-term navigation in GPS-denied environments. The proposed sensor system will include 3-axis IMU (6 DOF) and 3-axis magnetometers that are mounted on both shoes of a pedestrian. Data from both shoe-mounted sensors will be fused with zero-velocity updates to determine the accuracy limits of this technology.

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