Undergrad Research Project - GPS Tracking of Sports Equipment

Fall 2008

Benjamin Koopman
Priya Narasimhan
Project description

During a sporting event such as football, controversial calls can be made by a referee regarding game play and ball positioning. Presumably, one of the causes of this is the lack of definitive data regarding the ball's position. This project attempts to provide a better means of evaluating a ball's position in real time as well as compilation of prior data. The overall objective of this project is to provide a method of 3D positional measurement for balls and players during an athletic event, specifically football. This capability will allow the tracking of balls, thus enabling referees to make more informed calls relating to ball position. This project involves use of a mobile GPS receiver to collect positioning data for external real-time tracking and post processing. Experimentation will also be performed with augmentation of standard GPS utilizing such methods as DGPS, WAAS and RTK to determine a suitable method for our purposes. The eventual goal is to maintain an error radius of no more than 2 centimeters for ball tracking as opposed the several meter uncertainty achieved by standalone GPS.

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