Undergrad Research Project - Digital Circuit for Analog Video

Fall 2008

Oren Wright
David Lambeth
Project description

The objective of this research project is to design and build a digital circuit that has an analog video output and several analog video inputs that it switches between, essentially a sort of multiplexer. I will be working with graduate student Gregory Barchard on the project, with supervision from Professor David Lambeth. During the research I will be exposed to digital circuit design and analysis, microcontroller programming in C (embedded systems), IR protocols for use in remote applications, and simple Bluetooth device communication.
The microcontroller implements the analog to digital functionality and many details that may be needed are provided by the datasheets (e.g. gain, impedance). Bit stream identification will be looked at for IR protocols and both discovery and gating techniques will be explored for Bluetooth. The project is expected to start with a design review that analyzes the design of the board. After the board is built there will be assembly work, followed by working on microcontroller programming and working with the periphery devices, and finally integrating the different areas together. The end result is expected to yield a fully functional board that can bridge several electronic devices that use analog video.

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