Undergrad Research Project - Sensor Andrew Event Builder and notification System (ENS)

Fall 2008

Kwang-Youn Kim
Bruno Sinopoli
Project description

GOAL There are lots of different sensors as part of Sensor Andrew that could overwhelm users with irrelevant raw data. The Sensor Andrew event-notification system will allow users and other applications to filter raw data for their own purpose and receive notification for certain event.

Overview To describe the process, user will first log on to the web-based application which communicates with the event filter system. Then the user will specify the event (time, location, event, etc). (ex. presence of a person at wean pc cluster after 2pm). The event filter system will then subscribe to Sensor Andrew server to acquire any relevant data sensed from sensor network. Then Sensor Andrew server will send a subscribed raw data back to the event filter system. Then the system filters the raw data according to the user's setting. After that, the system publishes a notification to Sensor Andrew server notification module. The notification module will then send either e-mail, txt, IM according to user's desire. This notification system capability can be extended not even messaging but also other application such as Facebook and Myspace application.

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