Undergrad Research Project - Power Systems Research

Spring 2008

Charles Wesley
Marija Ilic
Project description

The electric grid is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure in our nation. Without it, the modern technical life that we love and enjoy would not be possible. However, there are many parts of the grid that are highly neglected, and in the wake of a deregulated market, management of our electrical power systems has become increasingly complex. Furthermore, despite an increasing demand for electricity, local governments are often hesitant to build new power plants due to environmental concerns. Though global warming has certainly ushered in the era of renewable energy, many of these sources work in a somewhat unconventional manner as opposed to their traditional predecessors. Specifically, renewable energy sources have much greater volatility and unreliability. For my spring research, I will be working with Professor Marija Ilic and Le Xie, a Ph.D student in ECE, on studying the dynamics of the electric grid after variable sources like wind turbines have been added, and how these sources can be stabilized. I will also be working to create models of wind turbine generators in MATLAB.

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