Undergrad Research Project - Robust Pupil Center Estimation

Spring 2008

Ulugbek Kamilov
Ozan Tonguz
Project description


Selma Chouaki, ECE Junior Ulugbek Kamilov, ECE Junior


The objective of the project is to develop image processing software on MATLAB that works on the images containing a region around pupil. The software should extract the pupil and calculate its geometric center.


Robust and non-invasive eye tracking has many possible applications in many domains including the early screening of health problems. Tracking the horizontal and vertical rotation of eyes at high speed enables the analysis of saccade eye movement, which can help in early detection of diseases, or diagnosis of low level, chronic diseases.

The software we shall be working on is based on the high speed head-mounted binocular eye tracking system that has been developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The system has image processing software implemented in Labview using Labview Virtual Instruments.

We will start by developing simple image processing software on MATLAB with a graphical user interface (GUI), which will allow working on images stored in the computer. The software will read images stored, extract the pupil and calculate its geometric center using symmetric mass center algorithm based on geometric properties of ellipses. Afterwards we will improve the software and explore new possibilities to make it comparable or better than the original software.


We will meet three times a week to coordinate our work and decide on the distribution of the tasks. Once per week we will meet with other members of the research team to get a feedback and advice. Rest of the work will be conducted individually.

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