Undergrad Research Project - Reducing Network downtime

Fall 2007

Wai Yong Low
Srinivasan Seshan
Project description

Internet Service Providers( ISPs) have identified that the situations that contribute most to service outage occurs when they perform router upgrades or replacement. Customers will potentially experience network outages for 6-7 minutes, which may be unacceptable for network critical applications such as online commerce and real time applications such as network gaming.

This research aims to study the effects of introducing a back-up router which handles customer requests while router upgrades are being performed. More specifically, we seek to discover the reduction in network downtime that can be achieved.

By running our experiments on a multitude of network emulators and routing software, we seek to ascertain: 1) The reduction in downtime by introducing the back-up router 2) Whether the reduction in downtime is an effect that can be generalized across all types routing software 3) Whether the reduction in downtime can be generalized across all major routing protocols 4) Other factors that may reduce this reduction

Wai's responsibility will be to develop the router rehoming software for a specific routing platform and running experiments on that platform.

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