Undergrad Research Project - 3D LIDAR Navigation System and Motor System for Automated Machine

Fall 2007

Jonas Cleveland
Paul Rybski
Project description

Jonas Cleveland Advisor: Paul Rybski

Independent Study Proposal:

3D LIDAR Navigation System and Motor System for Automated Machine

Student will be developing the motor system and navigation sensory for "Snackbot." The Snackbot is a research project being conducted by the Robotics Institute's CMAssist Research Group led by Paul Rybski. Snackbot is an autonomous machine that will traverse through routes in Newell-Simon Hall and dispense candy and other foods to students and staff. The aim of the project is to observe human-robot interaction.

The student will be designing and assembling the robot's motor system. This includes programming a microcontroller to output pulse-width modulation signals for driving motor current and also, creating a feed-back control system using sensory information from distance encoders.

Additionally, the student will be developing a LIDAR or light detection and ranging system for robotic navigation. The student will be responsible for designing system which collects, filters and interprets data received from laser sensors. Student will be responsible for the design and programming of components which direct the motor system according to the 3-dimensional world perceived by the robot's sensory system.

Objectives: -Design and assembly of motor system for autonomous machine -Design and assembly of light detection and ranging sensory system for autonomous navigation

Methods: -Designing power and control schematic for electro-mechanical system. -Programming 8-bit microcontroller feed-back control loop and timing configuration. Microcontroller will receive sensory information, computer data, and output control signals to motor system. -Using oscilloscope, multimeter, and function generator for testing components and calibration. -Writing robot behavioral scripts in Python code.

Results: -Autonomous navigation system capable of driving Snackbot safely through challenging terrain and cluttered environment.


October 1- Motor System assembled, operating autonomously, and easily operated by future project workers.

October 21- Components for LIDAR System identified and purchased

December- LIDAR System providing adequate data to robot for autonomous navigation

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