Undergrad Research Project - Fabrication of sub 50 nm patterened nano-array on magnetic material

Fall 2007

Daniel Mirkovic
Yi Luo
Project description

Magnetic data storage on a continuous media has reached a limit of data density, due to the superparamagnetic effect. In order to circumvent this problem and create more dense magnetic storage, data can be stored on a nanometer scale array of discrete dots. So far this method has yielded a patter wit dot size of 50 nm while still retaining magnetic properties of the material. Our objective would be to create a fabrication method that would yield a smaller dot size, ideally 30 nm or less, while still retaining a good magnetic signal. So far the most promising method of fabricating this sub 50 nm array has been with a positive photoresist, electron beam lithography and aluminum sputtering to create a mask on the sample. The surface can be etched using ion argon milling to imprint the pattern onto the magnetic sample. A variation on this process has been used to create 30 nm dots so far; however the magnetic signal was not retained throughout the fabrication process. At this point the main focus is to analyze the current fabrication process to see what is most likely to destroy the magnetic signal and to refine it to the point where a sample will yield sub 50 nm dots with a strong magnetic signal.

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