Undergrad Research Project - FPGA Prototyping for Application Specific Architectures

Fall 2007

Sandeep Atluri
Diana Marculescu
Project description

I will be conducting this research as part of the sophomore projects option listed as course 18-231. In my project, I will be working closely with a graduate student of Professor Diana Marculescu and the Professor herself in the area of field programmable gate arrays. The objective is to prototype application specific architectures through these FPGAs and to learn how they function and serve. I will receive my exact assignment from Professor Marculescu once the fall semester of 2007 begins. Once I do, I plan on using methodological approaches to develop what is necessary using the FPGAs. Wherever applicable, I will monitor and take note of my methods and results as I proceed through the research. Since I will also be taking classes related to these topics through my electrical and computer engineering major, I feel that this will not only be a great learning experience, but also be a way to use my skills in a practical, adaptable, and productive manner.

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