Undergrad Research Project - Raw Image Accumulation and Analysis

Spring 2007

David Kang
Jelena Kovačević
Project description

Work will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Kovacevic, Dr. Rohde, and Dr. Crowley. This project will be in the general domain of neuroscience and bioimaging. Specifically, it is based on the involvement of axons in the formation of neurological circuitry and capturing them visually to for examination. We will be studying microscopic samples through the use of Neurolucida, ImageJ, and other equipment that controls these microscopy applications to gather imaged samples. The focus will be on finding autonomous techniques in image acquisition and analysis. More specifically, I will be working on exploring various methodologies of data acquisition and designing a programming script to enable the microscope to collect raw, unfiltered images. The majority of the work involved will be based in the Center for Bioimage Informatics and the Mellon Institute of Science. This project will enable Dr. Crowley's research team to more effectively gather neurological data and examine it.

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