Undergrad Research Project - ICTrack

Spring 2007

Han-Wei Kung
Tsuhan Chen
Project description

ICTrack is the software integrating a variety of image processing methods. The purpose of building ICTrack is to help novices use advanced image processing algorithms without knowing some technical details. In addition, it also helps experts design new algorithms and compare them to the existing techniques.

ICTrack contains four main parts: API, Modules, Tester, and GUI 1. API (Application Programming Interface): It is an interface that the program library provides in order to meet some requests such like the interactions among modules, memory and data management and tool management. 2. Modules: Each module defines an image processing function. 3. Tester: After the programmer completes a module, we need the tester to verify its correctness. 4. GUI (Graphical User Interface): It is the interface using graphics in order to provide a user-friendly environment to design algorithms.

My Objective, Method, and Anticipated Results for this project: 1. Objective: For now, there are many existing modules that we do not know whether they are correct or not. My job is to test and organize these existing modules. In addition, I plan to add some image processing algorithms I learned to ICTrack as new modules. 2. Method: In order to implement algorithms, I can try the idea in MATLAB first, and see if I can get the reasonable results. After making sure everything goes smoothly, I then covert the MATLAB code to C++, completing the task. 3. Anticipated Results: Make all the modules more organized and get some new modules which offer new functionality.

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