Undergrad Research Project - Magnetic Tape Test Stand

Spring 2007

Nikhil Mallavarapu
Jim Bain
Project description

This semester I will continue to do research in the Data Storage Systems Centre under the guidance of Professor Bain. I will continue the work of last semester on the magnetic tape test stand. The goals for the semester that we determined together are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate standard transfer curves for a inductive head. Specifically, I will be plotting the read back voltage against the write current and the frequency of the written signal. This will require that I install and test new heads and media to the system and refine the user interface after these changes have been made.

  2. Replace the inductive head with a magnetoresistive (MR) head and re-measure the same transfer curves for this case. Changes/additions to the user interface and the documentation will be made as necessary.

  3. Extensions to the capabilities of the instrument by adding speed and density functionality. This will involve installing a tachometer on the drum.

  4. Perform and record various measurements on experimental tapes of interest.

I will be meeting with professor Bain on a weekly basis to seek help and to ensure progress is being made. I will also produce a 10-20 page report at the end of the semester which summarizes the developments made over the semester and the results of measurements and calibrations. I will also participate in the DSSC symposium in March where I will present this device and its features. This will involve collaboration with various DSSC sponsors. Finally, this work will be presented at the Meeting of the Minds.

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