Undergrad Research Project - Characterization of Polythiophene and Nanoparticle Sensors for Gas Chemical Detection

Spring 2007

Jiake Wu
Gary Fedder
Project description

This project aims to determine behavior of new polythiophene and nanoparticle-based gas chemical sensors that are being developed in conjunction with an established research team in ECE and Chemistry. The work is addressing the need for miniature low-cost gas chemical sensors with electronic readout for end-of-service-life detection in gas respirator cartidges.

Measurements of the sensor voltage output will be performed on a test bed comprising an analyte gas flow system, associated readout electronics, a National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ) module, and a PC running LabView code. Sensor sensitivity to various analytes and changes in sensitivity and offset drift over time will be investigated. The LabView code and hardware on the sensor test bench will be upgraded to add further automation. For example, the analyte flow may be automated.

The project will be documented with a short (~10 page) technical report summarizing the important data and findings. The research will be discussed at weekly project group meetings with the broader team.

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