Undergrad Research Project - Synbiosys website and demo

Spring 2007

Rathan Raj Rajamanickam
Tamal Mukherjee
Project description

Will be involved with the Synbiosys team funded by the DRDO and NSA and mentored by Profs. Tamal Mukherjee, Jim Hoburg, Steinar Huanan. The team is involved in the development of a lab on a chip system to accelerate the development of vaccines. The team uses mathematical models and neural networks to simulate the reactions that take place within the system. The team uses Cadence as one of the tools to run the simulations and analyse the results. I will be involved in the development of the website for the research project and will also be involved in the development of a demo for the cadence environment which would explain the different components developed by the team and would guide the user of the demo through the process of setting up the system comprised of the developed components, running simulations and analysing the results. In addition to the above mention tasks, I will be involved in the refinement of the components developed by the team.

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