Undergrad Research Project - Creating EEG Systems that Accommodate Thick Hair

Spring 2018

Arnelle Etienne
Pulkit Grover
Project description

EEG systems are used to measure activity in the brain. They are incredibly useful as they can be used to diagnose diseases and detect head injuries. However, the current systems that we have do not work well with thick, coarse, curly, or long hair. Hair inhibits data collection by blocking the electrode’s path to the skin. Often times those with curlier and coarser hair have to shave their heads or wear their hair in an highly inconvenient and embarrassing way as to not inhibit data collection. My goal is to improve upon how we accommodate different types of hair while maintaining the quality of the signals. I will be experimenting with several hairstyles that correspond with different hair textures and hair lengths to create a system that uses hair type as a strength rather than a hindrance. I will also be designing an EEG apparatus that uses my findings on hair textures to maximize precise surface area for measuring signals. This is a continuation of my past research.

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