Undergrad Research Project - Wi-Fi based Material Sensing to Augment Autonomous Vehicles

Spring 2018

Ajay Benno
Swarun Kumar
Project description

Using off the shelf Wi-Fi cards to classify the material of an environmental object (eg. wood, metal, human) using its physical properties, and to determine what angle the object is at. Since WiFi signals can propagate around corners and through walls, we hope to use this technology for autonomous vehicles and searching disaster sites. In addition, we want to see if we can use WiFi to identify any obstructing material. Current systems using LIDAR are unable to see around corners so our system should be able to augment these systems to improve them.

I will be assisting in a few ways. Investigating if we can use machine learning models to help classify the different materials. Running further experiments in the lab, taking data and noting changes that occur. Helping to write driver code for the wifi cards.

We hope to be able to classify more materials than what we currently can and to a much higher degree of accuracy. This includes getting the material correct, and also the angle at which the object is located at.

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