Undergrad Research Project - CMR Telemetry Firmware/Software

Spring 2018

Stanley Zhang
Franz Franchetti
Project description

Carnegie Mellon Racing is a student organization that participates in the annual Formula SAE competition, which entails designing and building a Formula-style racecar. As part of the design, manufacturing, and testing process, a telemetry system is to be implemented for recording sensor data and other inter-module communications from the car's CAN network. This data is intended for both offline analysis and real-time remote streaming, which will provide new opportunities for performance tuning, component debugging, and safety assurance. While the hardware for the on-board module has undergone several iterations over the last few semesters and is now approaching a stable state, the firmware and software for this system have yet to be developed beyond a prototype stage. As such, this project aims to provide the following deliverables: - Embedded firmware for message sampling and XBee long-range transmission, running on telemetry module on racecar - Base station (receiver) XBee serial communication for transforming received messages into an uploadable stream for back-end web server - Upgrades to existing back-end web server for potential streaming changes and archival database robustness - Upgrades to existing front-end web client to display available sensor information and improved live/recorded streaming management These goals will be realized via the development of a robust, extensible software and firmware platform for the telemetry system.

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