Undergrad Research Project - HCII PrivacyGrade Project

Fall 2017

Alexander Yu
Jason Hong
Project description

The first goal of this project is to get PrivacyGrade back online and create scripts to help with restoring it, if it ever goes down again. There seems to be some problems with setting up the application that is not listed in the documentation. I will go through and work these out, writing scripts for whatever can be automated and updating the documentation with whatever needs to be run manually.

The main goal of this project is to build the analyzer infrastructure that greatly facilitates the task of analyzing smartphone apps at scale, building useful predictive models, and quickly sharing the results. The basics of the main project are to allow people to utilize our data, or certain parts of it, remotely, upload code that accesses and operates on this data, and then receive the results. For this semester, the infrastructure would most likely just be used among the other researchers in the lab that need access to PrivacyGrade related data.

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