Undergrad Research Project - Virtual Coach for Upper-Extremity Myoelectric Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Fall 2017

Henry Peck
Asim Smailagic
Project description

This semester, our research group is continuing to build effective, interactive, and clinically viable tools to help upper-limb extremity amputees "learn" to control and contract their muscles in hopes of being candidates for, and users of, new-age prosthetic devices.

With many prototypes built, the lab is evaluating, improving, and iterating on our mixed-reality concepts, with the goal of beginning in depth tests on amputees. The lab has been collaborating with the RIC in order to connect our products with experienced clinicians and end users.

My role on the project will include aspects of experience and interface design, user centered research and evaluation, and data analysis and visualization. The project's expansion into mixed-reality systems has opened many new avenues of exciting work!

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