Undergrad Research Project - Spherical Camera

Fall 2017

Yongyi Zhao
Aswin Sankaranarayanan
Project description

Traditional cameras use a physical lens to focus a scene, creating a sharp image. However, this imposes a restriction on the form of the camera: preventing the creation of flat cameras. Past research has demonstrated that a sensor array can create a flat camera that is still able to perform accurate scene reconstruction. However, instead of a lens, a coded aperture is used for reconstruction in this type of computational camera.

This research project focuses on how computational cameras of novel shapes can be developed. Specifically, this project examines how a spherical camera could be developed. The shape of the sphere occludes light rays coming in from certain direction, naturally creating the effect that the coded aperture is typically used for. A part of the project will be focused on simulations and designing efficient algorithms for scene reconstruction. Once these are complete, a hardware implementation will be created, using a goniometer. The final product should be a camera that is able to capture images from a spherical scene.

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