Undergrad Research Project - Creating a testbed for autonomous vehicle simulation

Fall 2017

Isha Iyer
John Dolan
Project description

The overall goal of this work is to create a testbed allowing human subjects to drive in a realistic simulation environment. The existing tools are: 1) a Logitech steering wheel + brake/accelerator pedals set-up; 2) the VIRES traffic simulator. An initial interface has already been established between 1 & 2. Tasks: 1. Refine the Logitech-VIRES interface so that driving is "natural", i.e., it has a feel to human subjects similar to that of driving on actual highways and city streets. This may include implementing the following: a. A vehicle steering model b. A vehicle dynamic model c. An engine model (accelerator-to-wheel-torque mapping) d. A braking model 2. Create a simple PID model for the distance-keeping and merging behavior of other (simulated) traffic to prevent collisions. 3. Optional (if time permits): Create a more sophisticated model for the behavior of other traffic. 4. Working with other lab members, develop a set of tests designed to provide useful data on human driving behaviors as a guide to developing autonomous driving behaviors.

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