Undergrad Research Project - Capybara

Fall 2017

Nicholas Weir
Brandon Lucia
Project description

The goal of this project is to have a functioning prototype using the Capybara chip and its array of sensors. As the first non-developer to be using the hardware, the first objective is to begin by learning the language, tools, and nuances of the software designed to work with the board, as well as the quirks, behaviour, and design of the board itself. Next, a suitable problem will be selected and a solution design will be planned out. The leading candidate for this problem is determining the approximate occupancy of a room, primarily through use of the sound, magnetic, and motion sensors of the board. Development towards a working device will initially be done on a dummy board/bread board combination, to avoid damaging the few real boards in existence. Once both the software and hardware are fully debugged, the design will be transitioned to a real board with the appropriate capacitance. A final debugging stage will be completed, yielding a functioning device able to determine if a room has zero, one, two or three, or many occupants.

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