Undergrad Research Project - Design of Artificial Neural Implant

Spring 2017

Suyash Bhatt
Shawn Kelly
Project description

Numerous afflictions that affect the vision of patients can be attributed to some form of retinal degeneration or trauma. The primary objective of this project is to design an implantable artificial retina capable of replacing their biological counterparts in order to give vision back to the patients affected by retinal damage.

The methodology will be as follows: First, we shall prototype a nano-scale retina implant complete with electrodes for communication to the brain. Next, the implant shall be verified for both safety and correctness by being placed on a printed circuit board capable of testing each individual electrode on the implant. Following that, the design shall be iterated until deemed safe for human use, and will then undergo clinical trials.

It is anticipated that the implant shall be both possible and capable of being manufactured in bulk.

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