Undergrad Research Project - Virtual Coach for Upper-Extremity Myoelectric Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Spring 2017

Henry Peck
Asim Smailagic
Project description

This research aims to build effective, interactive, and clinically viable tools to help upper-limb extremity amputees "learn" to control and contract their muscles in hopes of being candidates for, and content users of, new-age prosthetic devices. The research aims to integrate virtual coaching and real-time feedback into game environments that can be used for pre-prosthesis training in clinical, and eventually home, settings.

With the work done on the "Flappy Bird" game, it is evident that we can convert myoelectric input signals to game-controls, and in doing so can enhance the experience a user has when going through rehab. Also evident is the ability to prompt users to contract certain types, be it through in game features or a clinician.

My role has been to prototype game ideas and user interfaces alongside developers, engineers, and computing experts. I look forward to continuing the work I did on the Flappy Bird clone into new games, especially as we expand to a VR setting.

Personal responsibilities and their relevance to my skills have been listed below: -Work on high-level game ideas - coming up with ideas for games that we can clone allows me to be creative, while forcing me to consider a wide variety of technical and human factors -Ideate ways to improve UI/UX of games - applying many of the skills that an HCI student, as I am considering the way that the specific group of people we are targeting with interact and respond to our game environments -Collaborate across disciplines, ages, and education levels - For an undergraduate student looking to enter research based fields, it is important that I am comfortable working in interdisciplinary environments, with people who have different levels of knowledge and experience -Assist in building of presentations and decks - Technical communication is an area where many engineers lack, and so I am very insistent on taking opportunities to present my ideas clearly to audiences

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