Undergrad Research Project - Characterization of tissue scattering phantom for simulating acousto-optic light delivery into the brain

Spring 2017

Hengji Huang
Maysam Chamanzar
Project description

In this project, I am characterizing the optical scattering properties of tissue phantom media to test the idea of using ultrasonic waves to concentrate light, and control its path in order to minimize attenuation while traveling through brain tissue and make it go where we want it to go. The research is almost entirely experimental when it comes to methods. We concentrate and control the incident light as it's traveling through water using ultrasonic transducer arrays. If this succeeds, then we would repeat the experiment using tissue phantoms, a gel-like substance that mimics the optical properties of brain tissue. If this step went smoothly, then we would progress to real brain tissue. The ultimate goal of the project is to come up with a method of confining and guiding light into the brain through a non-invasive procedure, instead of using invasive optical fiber implants.

I'm currently working on a module of the project under a PHD student.

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