Undergrad Research Project - Footstep detection for Acoustic Location Processing Systems

Spring 2017

Nikhil Choudhary
Anthony Rowe
Project description

Acoustic Location Processing Systems (ALPS) is a platform for augmenting Bluetooth Low-Energy beacon transmitters with ultrasound technology to provide high-accuracy indoor localization. By communicating with a user’s smartphone or tablet, ALPS’ distance sensing technologies is able to localize a device with accuracy up to 10cm in certain conditions, which far outdoes current GPS technology in indoor scenarios. To further improve the algorithm to track moving subjects, we intend to to harness additional sensor data that these devices can provide (such as accelerometer and gyroscope). Smartphones have native health applications that track footsteps, but these are updated fairly infrequently (once every 6-10 steps). To aid in the responsiveness of the the localization algorithm, we explore real-time signal processing approaches to estimate distance traveled and direction. This information, though imperfect, can be combined with existing beacon trilateration to give more accurate data for a user who is moving. ALPS will be deployed at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in April for a larger scale testing.

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