Undergrad Research Project - Characterizing Die Attach and Device Bonding Processes

Spring 2017

Maya Lassiter
Tamal Mukherjee
Project description

This project will work towards developing a dependable die attach and device bonding process for a MEMS resonator. Our progression will characterize die attach processed and see the potential for use with hermetic vacuum packaging design requirements. This work builds on a successful device bond performed at the end of the fall 2016 semester. We hope to test and characterize the bonds from our process to compare across solder alloys and process steps to understand a best temperature, bond force, and duration. Our project is part of a larger system made to withstand long term storage while reliably sensing the wake-up frequency. There is a priority on die attach characterization as we have several ribbon-type solder alloys to compare. Once we have established a die attach process we will be able to set up testing across multiple components within the larger project. The full system will require the attach of multiple technologies in the same package. This means we will need custom pieces for the device bonder.

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