Undergrad Research Project - Water Leakage Detection

Spring 2017

Aziz Yousif
Shawn Kelly
Project description

Neural devices that are used to help the blind see may become damaged over time as a result of water leakage. In order to predict this type of damage to such devices, this project seeks continue the work of our group’s recently developed impedance measurement system. This system was recently published in August 2016 in the IEEE EMBC. This system has been used to observe how electrode impedance change over time when subjected to a high moisture environment. We have just completed a six-month experiment that includes observing how the impedance of the electrodes change with time and ensured that proper salinity and moisture levels were achieved during the course of the experiment. We are currently interpreting the recently collected data. We expect to observe a decrease in the impedance magnitude but an increase in the impedance phase over time. We are also currently planning a journal publication for this work.

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