Undergrad Research Project - Interactive Wall Light Switch

Spring 2017

Amy Lin
Chris Harrison
Project description

The objective of this project is to expand interaction capabilities with a wall light switch and to enable fluid and precise responses through intuitive gestures.

This project can be broken down into 3 parts: sensing the gesture input on the wall; processing the input data; and responding to the gesture with the light switch.

We anticipate that the solution is possible with an Arduino, Arduino sensory input, and a motorized mechanical hardware. Sensory input such as audio or motion sensing would gather information about the gesture input. The data processing would be done in the Arduino using code libraries provided with the sensory input hardware. Once the software determines a change in the light switch state, it will activate the motorized mechanical hardware to alter the light switch and light.

Extensive user study will also be done through the building process. To help with data processing, we will link data input with various interactions with the wall. After each build iteration, we will also test its response precision to ensure the sensors only detect intended input.

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