Undergrad Research Project - Inventory Connection

Spring 2017

Kerolos Mikaeil
Lenore Blum
Project description

Background: For the past year, I have been working with CMU's Project Olympus in creating a web application to connect inventory systems and point of sales system allowing vendors like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frito Lay, etc to know brand specific product data for their supermarkets at the store level in real-time instead of manually counting it.

Objective: We currently have a prototype that proves the concept with one small store but given our recent traction, our product needs to be refactored for scale and security.

During the spring semester, my goal will be to create a deployable web application that is able to scale, securely and reliably with a vendor and large supermarket chain. This requires that we create a method to automatically pull the data from the supermarket on a nightly basis and for the data to be safely stored and sent to the vendor via our web application.

Method: I will be working closely with Lenore Blum and Kit Needham to ensure that I am meeting mutually agreed milestones.

Milestones will consist of deliverables related to the web application backend infrastructure and front-end.

Results: Scalable and reliable deployed web application being used by a vendor in a large supermarket chain.

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