Undergrad Research Project - Machine Learning Projects for 18-340

Fall 2016

Abhinand Sukumar
Shawn Blanton
Project description

The goal of this research project is to design and implement projects for future 18-340 classes. The projects cover a number of popular and crucial machine learning algorithms such as Decision Trees, Neural Networks, K-Nearest Neighbors and Support Vector Machines. The projects for the class are intended to teach students the key concepts of these algorithms and their implementation in hardware while having them implement key components such as adders, multipliers, and IEEE floating point.

The project is broken down into the following stages: 1) Find suitable datasets and transform them into usable data for the project. 2) Develop handouts for the projects and support code for each of the projects based on specifications provided by the professor and student supervisors, 3) Implement the student component of the project and test the working of the entire data path.

The student will also attend some ACTL group meetings and have the opportunity to report his/her progress.

This project has a very strong research component because it involves implementing and re-architecting state-of-the-art ML algorithms for hardware implementation.

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