Undergrad Research Project - LoRaBug Firmware

Fall 2016

John Bird
Anthony Rowe
Project description

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing area of research and innovation, with a particularly interesting application within cities. In Pittsburgh, the opportunity to integrate the physical world into computer-based systems is apparent. Parking availability, garbage collection routes, and other aspects of public infrastructure could easily be added to the Internet of Things with the proper networking and peripherals.

LoRaWAN (Long-Range Wide Area Network) provides Low-Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) capabilities tailored for IoT applications. With 4 towers already up and running on campus, the networking component is working and ready to expand.

The LoRaBug is a modified version of the FireFly Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network Platform and will bring the sensor platform capability to LoRaWAN.

This project will focus on developing firmware for the LoRaBug board in order to interface with an environment sensor board. The board contains sensors such as temperature, accelerometers, photocells, and pressure sensors. With the ability to collect data with these sensors, we will be able to explore new IoT applications within the city of Pittsburgh using the LoRaBug.

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