Undergrad Research Project - Die Bond Characterization for Vacuum Packaged Devices

Fall 2016

Maya Lassiter
Tamal Mukherjee
Project description

This project aims to explore and characterize the performance of different die mounting techniques with a vacuum packaged low frequency resonator. The goal of this project is to find a bonding process and solder alloy that provides a dependable vacuum packaged device. We will be evaluating die bonding materials that work with our in-house vacuum packaging processes. The characterization of these materials will be needed to better understand the behaviors of our die bonds under vacuum conditions. This project will also be considering using a new low out-gassing epoxy. The performance of our solder-ribbon mounts processed in campus facilities will be tested against a low-outgassing epoxy and an outsourced vacuum packaging process. We will use several different ribbon-type solders to understand the performance differences of new alloys as well as if there are potential preparation, cleaning, or processing steps we can use to make a more dependable die mount for our device operating under vacuum conditions. Our work will create a device package that considers both industry and in house vacuum processes.

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