Undergrad Research Project - Growing Graphene on hexagonal BoroNitride

Fall 2016

William Hedberg
Jeffrey Weldon
Project description

Since the first confirmed isolation of Graphene in 2004, the material system has been studied extensively as a potential substrate in future electronics. Graphene's high mobility and 2D material structure make it promising for applications such as flexible or RF electronics. Recently, a promising new path for Graphene electronics has opened with the first confirmed growth of Graphene on insulating hexagonal BoroNitride. This growth was performed at small scale, but is theoretically possible at full wafer scale. If accomplished, this would enable the first necessary stage in a wafer-scale Graphene-on-insulator process. As such, we intend to develop a plasma-enhanced low-pressure chemical vapor deposition system for use in growing wafer scale graphene directly on hexagonal BoroNitride. Since this has been proven to be feasible at smaller scales, we believe we can modify our current Graphene CVD system to achieve this task.

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