Undergrad Research Project - Positioning for a Wire-Free EEG hat

Fall 2016

Bowei Liu
Swarun Kumar
Project description

This project aims to build a positioning system for a wearable EEG hat. Today's EEG systems require doctors to know where electrodes (sensors) are located on the head before gathering any data. This results in long delays before the test is administered and restricts EEG to clinical environments. Our goal is to create a positioning system where a handheld device can be used to track EEG electrodes on the hat with mm-precision. We will be developing a handheld positioning system that achieves accuracy far beyond traditional indoor positioning systems that operate at tens of cm-accuracy. In doing so, we aim to develop the building blocks for a wearable EEG hat that users can walk around with, as opposed to waiting for long hours in a doctor's office. Students will be working with RFID-based platforms and programming them with C/C++ and writing Matlab code to process signals.

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