Undergrad Research Project - Patient Motion Detection

Fall 2016

Christina Ou
Daniel Siewiorek
Project description

Patients who are cognitively impaired or have just undergone an operation are at a unique risk for falling. A typical case scenario is an elderly patient with cognitive impairment who is told to call the nurse if they need anything. The patient understands these instructions at the moment but may forget them soon after. After 15 minutes, a bed alarm is activated and the nurse enters to find the patient fallen on the floor next to their bed. The patient had wanted to use the restroom and did not remember to call for assistance.

As these patients are not as receptive to standard fall preventions, I am developing a mobile computing alert system for detecting patient movement out of bed, which is a possible precursor for falling. This system would notify nurses of this movement and potentially also deter patients from continuing to exit the bed.

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