Undergrad Research Project - Wireless Backend for the Oculus

Fall 2016

Xinhe Zhang
Swarun Kumar, Vyas Sekar
Project description

There has been quite a bit of buzz about the Oculus VR headset. The more powerful version of the Oculus needs a tethered backend to a high-end desktop for running real-time processing and graphics rendering. This tether however seriously hinders the user experience and can be an impediment to a range of potential applications. The goal of this project will be an exploratory design and implementation of a “wireless backend” for the Oculus. Note that this is a different kind of wireless link compared to traditional WiFi/wireless -- we need a point to point link with very high bandwidth and very low latency. The latency requirement is especially tight as there can be potential health and user experience implications (e.g., nausea) if the latency is high.

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