Undergrad Research Project - Designing an ultra high-density EEG cap

Spring 2016

Omkar Kelkar
Pulkit Grover
Project description

I am working with Professors Pulkit Grover, Jeff Weldon, and Shawn Kelly along with their team of students to create a design for a high-density 10,000-electrode EEG cap for hospital use. The overall design will be planned out later in the year. My role until then is to work with the ADS1299 TI Evaluation board and daughterboard to determine the level of accuracy and reliability of EKG/EEG signals that can be received. This board is connected to a set of 7 electrodes and is first used for EKG signals. This decision was based on the fact that the signals are much more recognizable; however, the end goal of the project was to assess the reliability of EEG signals.

In particular, to examine these signals, I will be using TI Evaluation software that allows for high-pass, low-pass, and notch filtering techniques. With each signal collected, I am determining which filters are necessary to most accurately see the desired EKG/EEG signal.

This project will be the first step in the pipeline; after I can claim that we get a reliable EEG signal on this board, we will chain multiple boards together to test a higher density of electrodes in collection of EEG signals.

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