Undergrad Research Project - Improving Scheduling on Heterogenous Multi-Core Systems

Spring 2016

Mark McElwaine
Diana Marculescu
Project description

Multi- core systems are becoming more and more common these days, with each chip containing more and more cores. However, just having more cores does not always lead to expected improvements in throughput and latency. Heterogeneous systems which have different types and number of processors are a promising solution to this problem of non-improvements. This research project addresses performance improvement by using task scheduling for these heterogeneous multi-core platforms. As a target platform, we will use an Alienware multi-core platform and implement various task scheduling mechanisms, ranging from load-balancing to optimal scheduling.

Project Objective: To implement in the Linux open source kernel or in OpenCL VM scheduler a task scheduler that can efficiently assign tasks for improved overall throughput.

Methods: Using C and other languages, I will work with fellow students to proceed and write the scheduler.

Anticipated results: If successful, we will develop a scheduler that has very high throughput on the Alienware platform.

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