Undergrad Research Project - Homogenous 3D Object Positioning through Randomized Robotic Arm Movements

Spring 2016

Pragna Mannam
Matthew Mason
Project description

The objective of this project is to have similarly oriented 3D objects through deterministic tray movements inspired by Kruskal Count. If a set number of deterministic tray tilts can achieve standard positioning of 3D objects, a robot can always get to a standard position where it knows how to pick up the 3D objects. The method to achieve standard positioning is to experimentally program a robot arm to make deterministic random movements and record the resulting object motions until the pose is determined. The anticipated results include defining a deterministic movement and the minimum amount of movements required to reach a consistent position among all 3D objects on the tray. Then, the robotic arm will have to be programmed to execute the deterministic moves the minimum number of times to achieve a consistent position, wherein the robot can efficiently pick up the 3D objects. Achieving such positioning will improve manipulation of 3D objects.

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