Undergrad Research Project - Vernier Sensor integration with the Hummingbird Duo

Spring 2016

Maya Lassiter
Illah Nourbakhsh
Project description

Vernier science sensors and probes are some of the most used across high school science curricula nationally. This project aims to develop both Analog and Digital sensor integration with the Hummingbird Duo microprocessor. The firmware and circuitry of these shields will expand the educational reach of the Hummingbird microprocessor in schools and homes nationally. This work is in conjunction with the CREATE Lab and Birdbrain Technologies. The goal of expanding the sensors available for the Hummingbird Duo also expands the curricula and user base of the system. Through developing both the technology and new subject material, this work explores the place of technology in our everyday as well as broadens the access to microprocessors and coding to less reached populations. The completion of this project will make the entire Analog and Digital Vernier sensor suite available for use with the Hummingbird Kit. Further work will be needed to expand the CREATE Lab’s Visual Programming Language to incorporate the wide range of data collected through the Vernier sensors.

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