Undergrad Research Project - Balanced Campus

Fall 2015

Minjae Shin
Anind Dey
Project description

The purpose of the study is to provide personalized educational experience for individuals. We will create a platform that manages this whole process. It will be used for automatically identifying internal and external rhythms of students to promote balanced experience without burning out. The advances in wearable devices, especially ubiquitous and sensing technology, makes it possible to easily collect physiological and environmental signals from individuals. The analysis of the data can be used to identify personal rhythms of individuals. Furthermore, the understanding of different aspects of human behavior makes it possible to provide a fully personalized educational experience in a balanced way.

We use wearable device and mobile technology to continuously collect physiological signals to automatically infer student’s behavior. We will deploy the app on Android phones that collects and processes data from wearable device, Microsoft Band, and upload it to a central server. The client can enable the upload of data from personal mobile devices to the server, which will be used to send back recommendations to the client devices on how to improve his rhythms.

Specifications: - We will design an Android mobile app that communicates with a wearable device, Microsoft Band, through an application-programming interface (API) which will be refined for our use. - The android app support several core functionalities including: 1)Authentication for new member addition and verification of existing members 2)Data collection capabilities for their built-in sensors and wearable device through wireless communication 3)preprocessing and real-time feature extraction in order to recognize the situation and provide timely response if necessary 4)using google calendar to communicate with users in form of feedback/notifications/recommendations or to collect subjective data in a usable and convenient manner

Deliverables: -We will use Aware framework to implement these functionalities, so there will be three plugins that the user can use: 1)Enabling the first plugin will collect the data from the wearable devices, and the data will be saved on the phone database. 2)the second plugin will be used to process the data and push it on to the google calendar 3)the third plugin will allow the user to retrieve the data, feedback/notifications/recommendations from google calendar

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