Undergrad Research Project - Developing a flexible DDoS Defense

Fall 2015

Ashwin Raghavachari
Vyas Sekar
Project description

Currently, there are network management tools able to defend against distributed denial-of-service attacks. However, DDoS defense is implemented using expensive and proprietary hardware appliances, which are fixed in both functionality and capacity. These limitations show that the current DDoS defense architectures are inflexible and brittle. With the emergence of software defined networking and network functions virtualization, a new more flexible and scalable DDoS defense can be implemented. In this project, we will be working on on implementing a more flexible defense mechanism, one that can be seamlessly deployed to different parts on the network where they are needed. In addition, we will be working on making the DDoS defense more scalable, where it will be able to handle a variety in the type and scale of attack.

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