Undergrad Research Project - Protect My Privacy Android

Fall 2015

Vikram Shanker
Yuvraj Agarwal
Project description

Protect My Privacy (PMP) lets you protect the personal information on your rooted Android device. It provides a layer of security between apps and the operating system, thereby giving the control back to the user. When an app attempts to access any protected information, an alert is shown and you have the option to "Protect" or "Allow". The software is unique in that rather than merely blocking access to the information, which could cause the app to have unexpected behavior or even crash, PMP instead supplies fake replacement information, such as randomized contact names, or a location specified by you. You can quickly switch between real and fake information, even while the app is running. PMP also provides automatic protection using crowd-sourced recommendations, this uses information from previous manual decisions made by other users for the same app.

The goal of the proposed research project is to deploy PmP for Android widely and study how people use our app. We have introduced a number of new features such as library based blocking that will have a significant impact on how users manage their privacy on smartphones. We hope to learn from the data we collect and refine the app further to determine the best ways to give privacy feedback, and control, to users.

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