Undergrad Research Project - Impedance Measurements

Fall 2015

Aziz Yousif
Shawn Kelly
Project description

Neural devices that are used to help the blind see may become damaged over time as a result of water leakage. In order to predict this type of damage to such devices, this project seeks to use our group’s recently developed impedance measurement system to observe how the electrical properties of electrodes change as they are subjected to a high moisture environment. Different electrodes will be subjected to water penetration over a few months. On a weekly basis, the impedance of these electrodes will be measured with our system to quantify the change in the impedance of the specimen. Furthermore, the environmental conditions of the water surrounding the electrodes will be kept comparable to that of the human body. For example, the salinity and temperature will be continuously monitored during the course of the experiment to ensure resemblance with the human body. When sufficient data is acquired, the results will be sent for publication.

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