Undergrad Research Project - Ultra-high-density EEG Recording System Circuitry

Fall 2015

Jennifer Lloyd
Pulkit Grover, Shawn Kelly, Jeffrey Weldon
Project description

This work is a sub-project of a larger research collaboration at Carnegie Mellon University to develop a low power, portable, ultra-high-density electroencephalography (EEG) recording system using novel theories, circuitry, algorithms, electrodes, and experiments. EEG measurements are promising for many applications such as: biomedical monitoring, diagnosis, research, and brain-computer interface technology. Ultra-high-density EEG data is believed to have information that can be useful in the source localization of neural activity. Specifically, this project aims to develop the analog and digital circuitry necessary to implement these new ideas into a prototype, for eventual use in a final system. To begin, we will aim to demonstrate that a new referencing theory developed by Professor Grover using high-density electrodes yields a higher signal-to-noise ratio and power-savings in comparison to other traditional schemes. We will then design a custom board to support many analog front-ends that implement this strategy in order to support hundreds, and later thousands of electrodes.

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